Our Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) present a brief overview of their research studies in the videos linked below:

FOCUS: Dignity within the Digital

Abraham’s thesis on how older adults cope with technology when things ‘go wrong’ with digital technology – how to better design digital technologies for older people

Moonika’s thesis on Societal digital demands and needs in healthcare services in Norway concerning adults 75 years or older and their dignity

Rada’s thesis on Wearable devices and eHealth solutions in palliative care for older people

Shuvarthi’s thesis on Co-designing digital health technologies for older people

FOCUS: Living well in Care Systems

Adam’s thesis on Exploring the lived experience of control and well-being of older people living with frailty within the care service provision in southern England.

Aline Dragosits’ thesis on How do older patients and their relatives experience an early transition from hospital to home?

Emma Jelstrup Balkin’s thesis on An Ethnography of Institutionalised Ageing in Northern Denmark

Jessica Enros’s thesis on Supporting older people with sever mental illness in municipal housing and home care with a focus on nature of wellbeing and health processese, organizational structures, barriers and demands

Karoline Lang Mathiesen’s thesis on What does competence actually mean to nurses and older people in home care in Denmark

Mette Frier’s thesis on Nurse collaboration across multiple sectors in a Danish context

Panagiota Lafiatoglou’s thesis on Exploring the lifeworld of older individuals undergoing physical rehabilitation and their perceptions of well-being within formalised care systems

FOCUS: Gender and Care

Ioanna Zygouri’s thesis on The Normative (re)Constitution of the Self as a Gendered Agent: Psychological Phenomenological Study in Spousal Caregiving (Greece)

Jayme Tauzer’s thesis on Negotiated Care: Gender Impacts on Residential Care for Old Adults in North England

Lamprini Maria Xiarchi’s thesis on Investigating expereinces of caring for older people: From the perspective of nurses and nursing students

Other videos for you to watch…

Mavis Bengtsson talks about her project, which looks at home care models in the EU in this video on our YouTube channel

Moonika Raja talks about her research, which looks at how to address the barriers and facilitators of societal digital demands on citizens 75 years and older in this video on our YouTube channel

**NEW** Our ESRs have been hard at work to produce a film about some of their work called: “Gender and Leadership in Nursing“.

This short video is based on the results of research conducted by Jayme Tauzer, Lamprini Xiarchi and Emma Balkin, exploring the sociocultural norms behind disparities in gender equality in nursing leadership, and the independent research of Ioanna Zygouri. The report will be released later this year. 

Watch the film here.

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